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financial assistance to families

Family Support Services
Financial assistance is offered to families who have a family member in their home who has a developmental disability and qualifies for County Board services, and is not enrolled on a Medicaid Waiver program.
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who is eligible for FSS?

If you have a family member with a developmental disability (DD) living at home, he or she may be able to receive FSS.

The family member with disabilities must be ELIGIBLE for County DD services, even if he or she is not receiving other types of County Board assistance.

what items and services are included?

• Respite care by providers or persons chosen by the family.

• Adaptive equipment Home modifications to accommodate  the family member with disabilities.

• Special diets (i.e. scales, special food) Counseling and training (i.e. play therapy, sign language class).

• Mileage for out of area appointments.

• Other services individualized to each family’s individual needs as specified in the individual’s plan.

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