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“I’m a janitor. I put ice in the machine and take the garbage out. So, if you have any trouble with anything, tell the janitor.”

Walter Horne

Duane Proctor has worked for McDonalds for 33 years. “Duane is such a wonderful employee and friend. He surpasses most people. He is such a hard worker and a fast worker. He’s pays so much attention to detail. My blessing is having him work for me,” said Bel Deitrick, McDonald’s Manager.

Duane Proctor

Doris Tanner celebrated 23 years with Air-Way Manufacturing Co. in Edgerton. “She really cheers up the work place and she does a really good job. We really appreciate her,” said Jeff Rienstra, VP of HR at Air-Way Manufacturing.

Doris Tanner

“I’m a carryout and take out people’s groceries, and take them to their vehicles. And I bag groceries, and I get the carts off the lots. I’ve been with the company (Chief Markets) for 13 years.”

Shane Brace

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