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Residential Services

Supported Living

Supported Living- Eligible individuals may receive homemaker/personal care (H/PC) supports. H/PC may include such things as assistance with cooking, paying bills and managing money, assistance with daily living needs, etc.

These services may be provided in the individual’s family home, while continuing to reside with family members or in their own home in the community, either living alone or with roommates. The homemaker/personal care supports are funded primarily by Medicaid waivers. Living expenses, such as rent, utilities, food and clothing are met by the individual’s employment income and/or social security, social security disability income or other benefit income.

Intermediate Care Facilities

Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF-IIDs) are licensed by DODD and operated by a specific provider at a specific location. The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) certifies the licensed facility as meeting the federal requirements for funding as an ICF-IID. The provider is responsible for all aspects of care for the individual, including financial matters, transportation, habilitation, and medical needs. In Williams County, Filling Home operates 2 eight bed homes. Filling Home maintains the waiting list for these homes.

DODD Online ICF Search Tool
DODD Electronic ICF Informational Booklet

Ohio Shared Living

Adult Foster Care services are prescribed in rule 5123:2-13-06 and defined further in the Individual Options Waiver Handbook as, “Personal care and supportive services (e.g., homemaker and chore services) provided in a private home by an unrelated, principal care provider who lives in the home and whose primary, legal residence is that home. Adult Foster Care is furnished to adults who receive these services in conjunction with residing in the home, and the services, their associated activities, and skill development approximate the rhythm of life that naturally occurs as part of living in the family home (Host Home).”

Currently, the Adult Foster Care terminology under which Medicaid funds the service is being replaced by the service name ‘Ohio Shared Living.’ Shared Living services are provided in a family home setting and offer the individuals served and the host families opportunities to mutually enrich their lives through this residential service option.

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