“I’m a janitor. I put ice in the machine and take the garbage out. So, if you have any trouble with anything, tell the janitor.”

Walter Horne

Doris Tanner celebrated 23 years with Air-Way Manufacturing Co. in Edgerton. “She really cheers up the work place and she does a really good job. We really appreciate her,” said Jeff Rienstra, VP of HR at Air-Way Manufacturing.

Doris Tanner

“I’m a carryout and take out people’s groceries, and take them to their vehicles. And I bag groceries, and I get the carts off the lots. I’ve been with the company (Chief Markets) for 13 years.”

Shane Brace

Duane Proctor has worked for McDonalds for 33 years. “Duane is such a wonderful employee and friend. He surpasses most people. He is such a hard worker and a fast worker. He’s pays so much attention to detail. My blessing is having him work for me,” said Bel Deitrick, McDonald’s Manager.

Duane Proctor