Your Choice. Your Rights.

We all have the right to make our own decisions and direct our own lives.

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How do you make decisions?
We all make decisions everyday. We sign documents, consent to medical procedures, and make financial decisions and investments. We seek out advice and information from our own network of friends, family, professionals and counsel to make our own informed choices.

Get started: 
Most adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities can manage self-fulfilling decisions with informational assistance. Here are some tips on making this a reality:

  • Work with your loved-one to build a team of support.
  • Write the plan down.
  • Different types of decisions may have different point people.
  • Contact your SSA to help make a plan.

Right to Make Choices
“We believe that everyone has the Right to Make Choices, to make their own decisions and direct their own lives to the best of their abilities, without the “need” for guardianship.”
Supported Decision-Making is one way to use your Right to Make Choices.
(Credit: National Resource Center for Supported Decision– Making)

(WCBDD met Jonathan Martinis after his presentation at the 2018 OSDA Synergy Conference)

“…study after study has shown that when people have more self-determination – more control over their lives – they have a better quality of life.

People with more self-determination are more independent, better employed at higher wages, more integrated into their communities, and better able to recognize and resist abuse.” Jonathan Martinis Senior Director for Law and Policy, the Burton Blatt Institute)