Voices of the People meet monthly to network, plan fundraising activities and discuss community involvement opportunities. We volunteer for local businesses and organizations in the community. We participate in activities to help us find out what our strengths, weaknesses, interests, and goals are. We also make a plan of action for making the changes that we think are important in our lives, our community, and in greater society.

In the future, we see ourselves finding our ability to SPEAK UP for ourselves and Empower the People.  Here is what the group had to say about our future:

“I see the group members starting to advocate for themselves.” – Advocate

“I want the group to get people with disabilities help in any way that we can.” – Advocate

Come to a meeting and see where your skills fit to make this a better group. Caregivers are always welcome. Bring your own drink, and enjoy a cookie on us.

Click here for the 2020 Meeting Schedule

Click here for local activities.

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