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What has changed about the Ohio’s DD Waiver waiting list?

For years, people with developmental disabilities and their families knew that the way Ohio managed the waiting list for DD waivers wasn’t working. The waiting list was confusing for families and did little to help people gain access to services they needed to live a happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. The new process will allow county boards to fairly and accurately identify the needs of a person seeking a DD waiver. 

Why are we conducting assessments?

In the past, anyone could be on the waiting list for any reason – regardless of whether or not they actually needed a waiver. In fact, a person could be put on waiting lists in multiple counties, even if they didn’t live there. The new statewide assessment process will help identify people’s true needs and find ways to meet those needs with or without a waiver. 

How might this new process affect you?

If you were already on the waiting list before September 1, 2018, you will be contacted by your county board to schedule an assessment interview. The purpose is to talk about your needs and determine if a waiver is the only way your needs can be met.

If you were not on the waiting list before September 1, 2018, but you think you might need a waiver and your county does not have any waivers available, you will need to complete an assessment process to be put on the waiting list in your county.

If you ae not on the waiting list because you already have a waiver that meets your needs, or because your needs are already being met without a waiver and you have not requested one, this process is not likely to affect you.

(All information above is from www.fixthelist.info.)



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